Patient Survey

We are grateful to be able to guide and support you on your health journey.
Please take a moment to complete this quick survey,
so we can continue to improve the experience for you and all of our patients.
How easy was it to schedule your appointment with FxMedSupport?
This includes all appointments such as sessions with all providers,
health coaches, dietitians, lab testing, IV therapy, etc.
How long did you wait (beyond your appointment time) to be seen by the provider?
How satisfied are you with the cleanliness and appearance of our facility?
This includes the use of masks, PPE, and other sanitary protocols
How would you rate the overall care you received from your provider?
(Was it warm and compassionate; were all your questions answered, and
were you clear on next steps?)
How likely are you to recommend FxMedSupport
to a friend or family member who is seeking help on the health journey?