Basic Add-ons

Bulk Emailer

#1 Love

Bulk Tag

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Bulk Inactive / Active

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Encounter Beautify

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Notification Lite

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Live Support

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Pro Upgrades

Google Cal Bi-Directional

Gravity Form Importer


Portal App Lite

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Twillio Robo Caller

Bulk PPQ

Notification Pro

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Auto Encounter

Integration Applications & Software Service's

Cerbo Patient Portal

Cerbo Integrated
Supplement Store

Coming Soon

Availity Insurance

Encounter Injection

Auto Chart Prep

Payment Depot

Platform integration

Community Application brings your most used platforms into Cerbo (MDHQ)

Improve Efficiency

Bring & Build Automation into application operational task

Optimize work

Optimize your workforce in creating new ideas and information

Flag notices

Bring Flags, Notifications and messages into all your platforms

Edit notifications

Notifications sent to patients and your other applications

Looking for more Applications

Have an idea or need an integration? Just ask

Become a curator of your own thoughts

This app does everything you could possibly want it to do and not only that, it is beautifully designed to optimize your efficiency