We Have Upgraded your Applications!

We have been working very hard to upgrade all of your Cerbo
Applications & Integrations

Cerbo Automator System

Time is money! EVERY TIME you do an action in Cerbo that you or someone your team ALWAYS does the same next action OR your patients ask
“Did you do this? Have you done that?”
Now with the Cerbo Automator, you can automate the task, actions, and messages to the patient in Cerbo.
You ALREADY have this system for being integrated with FxMedSupport
Let us teach you how to use this powerful money-saving toolCerbo Automator Training Sign-up

MessengerPro - Limited Membership

Your Cerbo Patient Portal Application is now a MEMBERSHIP application.Turn it on and control it via Cerbo Tags!

MoreCerbo BulkSMS-Reply

Sometimes you need to Text (SMS) your patients but you should SMS-Reply yourpatients. Now when you text your patients and they reply back it enters the CerboPatient Portal

COMING SOON! Cerbo Phone!

Cerbo’s first fully integrated phone system for both the Brick & Mortar and Virtual practices.