Medical Practice Consulting

for every practice

Building on years of health and wellness industry insight, FX Med Support is poised to meet the needs of practices who want to maximize how they use technology in their day-to-day.
We’ve developed custom API’s to drive powerful automations, freeing up busy healthcare staff to focus on delivering great patient care. These services have been created from direct customer feedback on what solutions would deliver the most sustainable value. We’ve also based our service offerings on the identified gaps in compelling options for the niche EMR connected services segment.

A Covid Success Story

I never do this, and prob never will again but I wanted to share with you a project review I just had with a client. We are coming up on the end our 1 year relationship and are in negotiations for how a continual working relationship will look for year two & three.
Since starting our collaboration their operational expenses (cost) are 60% less than when we started working together. Their current revenue is approaching a 3X in growth with multiple high level ideas being worked-out  to continue this upward trend.
This is a hybrid practice with 2  providers & Health Coach.  I share this with you so you can see what is possible.

There was no one major fix. It has been a continual evaluation and reevaluation of processes and workflow; Application / Platform assessment and modifications, Leveraging technology when possible and optimizing virtual support.

Their supplement sales are now done in house with their integrated  supplement store and is currently generating a 36% profit margin. We see realistic growth in this area to hit $25,000 per month by end of Q4 2020.

2 (two 90 min) meetings a month where we brainstorm and create action plans based on your needs wants and desires

10 hours per month dedicated to your medical practice (Direct Cerbo Related)
Patient Process – Patient Onboarding Flow 
Cerbo Database Setup:
Alt Plan
Orders Labs
Dropship Lab Setup
Cerbo Working Procedures – Personalized Optimized WP’s for your practice 
Implementation of office assistance – Virtual – Local US as well as geo-leveraged
Assist in the creation of direction of custom practice WP Looms 
General information and resource for all topics of your medical practice
Your VA will be enrolled in our VA program where they will be trained to assist you in how best to utilize them
Ect Ect —> actual offering and roll to be defined more as we collaborate
We look at your practice from the patient side then the admin side and tell you what others will not or do not. 
Practice broken down into Key areas: Website, Patient On Boarding, Patient Communication, Information Flow, Labs, Supplements, Scheduling, Virtual Support, ECTInterview key members of your team and understand current work flow and desire goal and position of the practice.
Provide a report of finding for recommend implementations: Working Procedures, Technology, Platforms Ect 

Turn Key medical practice.