New Applications and Updates 


  1. Portal Campaign – Now you can chain automation together to create a limitless number of patient-directed notifications as well as internal admin actions such as Add and Remove tags and make tasks.

    Please verify the SendGrid email we will send to your office email. 


  1. IOS / Android Application has been fully redesigned and is now live


Application Upgrades 

  1. Google Cal Bi-Directional integration now allows for the selection of what appt type to sync too.
  2. Portal Phone Voicemail now allows notes and voicemails can be assigned to patients, Call transfer, and incoming call routing. Under development is the inbound waterfall.


Basic Integration News 

  1. Now you can use the messengerPro application for your patients. Yes it is limited but now you get all the power and style of MessengerPro
  2. Google Cal now part of the Basic Membership 


Want to offer a referral 2 months of free service if they are placed down as a referral source