Cerbo trained VAs.
FxMedSupport has partnered with a Virtual assistant company in El Salvador that will find college-educated ladies.
FxMedSupport will educate and train them them on Cerbo Basic in the areas of
– Training Materials for Administrative Employees
– Training Materials for Clinical Support Employees

You can be assured by the time we partner you with your VA she will be fully trained and ready to go in these areas.
Your VA can and is also encouraged to come to our weekly VA Cerbo school to continue to learn and enhance their Cerbo skills.

Payment for the VA’s starts at $7 per hour. 

FxMedSupport makes NO money from the placement of a VA in medical practice. We do this because we know how powerful a VA placed in a medical practice can be.

If you are interested in being partnered with a future Cerbo-trained VA please sign up at the link below. We are currently in training with approximately 10 VAs who will be Cerbo-trained and ready to go by the new year.

Office Contact(Required)