Efficiencies through
Optimizations & Integrations



Doctors Office’s need to connect their data to services online safely, securely, and efficiently. 

This allows better use of staff time by automating communications, scheduling,  follow-up reach-outs, and many more administrative tasks.


Our operation presently centers on the technological development and optimization of our Application Connection services.

The Problem We Solve

We identify and optimize inefficiencies in medical offices, use of external software applications and services.

We’ve developed custom software to drive powerful automations, freeing up busy healthcare staff to focus on delivering great patient care.

Take control

We look for the Needs (often unknown) and find the most efficient way to leverage technology to solve the need

All the features you need to get the results you want

We build, custom
integrations & applications
to give you the edge

“You are a Medical Provider, you can not afford to not be optimized and efficient.

Leverage your degree to live the life you want
Doctors who own their own business spend too much money on routine tasks.  We lower those costs to save them money.

We provide high level application integration a & customization for the Cer.bo EHR

Increase office efficiencies via integrations

We provider Pro level  integration for the following E-commerce Platforms into Cerbo EHR




Your patients are on the go and you should stay with them. 
We provide 3 options for Android & IOS Patient Portal Applications 

  • Messenger Lite –
    Part of the Basic Package
  • Messenger Pro 
  • Fully Custom Applications 

Have the ability for your patients to have 1 pace for all their patient needs. 

Fully Cerbo Integrated Application for the Patient Portal, For Messaging and for Wellness Supplements. 

WordPress Full Stack Developers to build you a fully integrated Cerbo WordPress Website. 

I help providers see their true worth. To value themselves and to put the proper pieces in place for their journey be for their patients wellness not their office struggles. 
I teach you how to leverage your degree to live the live you want 

… it’s more efficient & costs less
than doing the work manually

FxMedSupport pays for itself by saving on costs for:

Patient Compliance

Create a container of support for your patients that makes them feel held.

Data Entry

Data isn’t manually entered – it’s collected directly from your patients or 3rd Party Applications and saved to the portal


Follow-ups are sent automatically, not manually! Any Notifications


Most emails can be replaced with portal & push notifications !


Reminders are sent automatically, not manually (much easier and more reliable)

Automated Integrated Task

When a computer does the work your admin used to you save and win

Phone Calls

No mre time spent calling your patients, stay connected with automation .

Lower Operations Cost

Build in opperations that increase your revenue and workflow

Cerbo Integration

$ 10
/ Month
($199 Set-up Fee)
  • PPQ Messenger Lite
  • Bulk Emailer
  • Bulk Tag
  • Bulk Inactive / Active
  • Reimbursify
  • Encounter Beautify
  • Notification Lite
  • Live Support

Some of our Integrated Practics

When I met Kevin I was drowning in the work of a physician and business owner. Kevin listened with an attentive ear and with great patience and kindness, asked questions, brainstormed solutions, allowed me to make the decisions and then created the technology to either automate or optimize efficiency in the process we were working on. Kevin loves a challenge, loves new ideas, is an outside of the box thinker and will take an idea and run with it. 

His joy in making my life easier and our patient’s satisfaction better is contagious. It has become a wonderful game of hacking the efficiency of our practice and I look forward to our meetings to see what else we can do better. Kevin Mackey and his team at FxMedSupport have been crucial to the large growth of our practice in a short period of time.

Founder of Bucks County Center for Integrative Medicine (BCIM)

You'll Never Communicate the Same Way Again

!!NEW !! The Notification System

Experience Automated, Personalized Communications

The Notification System is a messaging platform made for Optimization.

Once the system is configured, the possibilities are limitless.


Use “Set it and Forget it” automation to deliver messages and reminders. Timing can be calendar-based, time-based, or event-triggered. Set it up once and let it run.


Tailor messages and replies based on participant responses and activity. Inject custom data sets (%firstname%, %coordinatorname%, %studydetails%) into messages to personalize the participant experience.


Send follow-up questions, info, or reminders based on participant replies (or inaction). Automatically remind subjects to complete any desired task: finish a diary, take medicine, or attend appointments.

Our experts

Head Thinker-upper
Creator & Problem Solver

Head Builder of Small thigs 

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Eugenia Enamorado

Head Thinker-upper’s Get it Doner
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Customer Service Hero

Silvana Bardi

Our vision is to enable every health and wellness practice regardless of size, to leverage technology to its fullest, achieving high operational efficiency to deliver more connected and personalized care. 

About us

We identify and optimize inefficiencies in practice offices’ use of external software applications and services.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable every health and wellness practice regardless of size, to leverage technology to its fullest, achieving high operational efficiency to deliver more connected and personalized care. We seek to equip small offices with the same tools large distributed practices use to recapture time spent doing manual workflows that can be automated.

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